Document – Sleep Hygiene for EMDR

If you’re feeling nervous or anxious about starting EMDR which could impact your sleep, here are some ideas to try to help you to manage your anxiety to get some sleep.

Activity Sheets – Mental Health

The CCI have created a number of infosheets and worksheets on different topics which you may find useful if it supports our learning style “If you experience a condition that is affecting your mental health and are looking for specific information about...

App – Sleep Restore Based On EMDR

“Sleep Restore is uniquely designed for sufferers of stress-related insomnia, (eg; PTSD, chronic pain, attachment problems). Insomnia is one of the most common effects of severe stress affecting over 80% of PTSD sufferers, over 50% of chronic pain sufferers and...

App – Inflow ADHD

“At Inflow, we help you manage your ADHD through our science-based program. Inflow was created by a team of clinicians and coaches, many of whom also live with ADHD — so we know the struggle firsthand. That’s why we created an affordable, easy-to-access solution...

Video – Body Scan Meditation

Feel more settled and calm by bringing awareness to each part of your body, noticing your experience with a sense of curiosity and openness. A Body Scan mindfulness meditation created by Stop, Breathe & Think.