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App – Calm – Meditation

App for sleep, meditation and relaxation. Paid for …

, , , , apps meditation paid relaxation sleep
App – Daylio – Mood Tracker

Self-Care Bullet Journal with Goals, Mood Diary & Happiness Tracker.  Keep a diary and capture …

, , , apps journal mood tracker
App – Headspace – Meditation

Access the full library of 500+ meditations on everything from stress, to resilience, to compassion.  …

, , , , , , apps meditation mindfulness paid relaxation sleep subscription
App – Inflow ADHD

“At Inflow, we help you manage your ADHD through our science-based program. Inflow was created …

, , , , , , , adhd apps meditation paid planner relaxation sleep tracker
App – Mooditude – Mood Tracker

Mooditude is an all-in-one mental health app for stress, anxiety and depression: track your mood, …

, , , apps journal mood tracker
App – Sleep Restore Based On EMDR

“Sleep Restore is uniquely designed for sufferers of stress-related insomnia, (eg; PTSD, chronic pain, attachment …

, , , , , , , , adhd apps emdr meditation paid planner relaxation sleep tracker
App – Tiimo – Daily Planner

Tiimo is a paid subscription app that helps you organize your life, stick to your …

, , , adhd apps autism planner
Article – BBC – ADHD Diagnosis in women

Article by the BBC titled “Why women may wait decades for an ADHD diagnosis”  about …

, , , , add adhd article diagnosis women
Article – From the independent on EMDR

Article titled “‘The transformation was life-saving’: How EMDR therapy changed one woman’s life after the …

, article emdr
Article – Trauma, trust and triumph: psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk on how to recover from our deepest pain

Article in the Guardian about Bessel Van der Kolk, author of the book “The Body …

, article emdr
Book – ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life

Book Titled: “ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life: Strategies that Work from an Acclaimed Professional …

, , , , add adhd book coping organisation
Book – Anxiety is Really Strange

“What is the difference between fear and excitement and how can you tell them apart? …

, , , , , , anxiety body book depersonalisation dissociation threat trauma
Book – Better Late Than Never

Book Title: “Better Late Than Never: Understand, Survive and Thrive a Midlife Diagnosis of ADHD” …

, , , , , add adhd adults book diagnosis late-diagnosis
Book – Finding Meaning: The sixth stage of grief

“David has spent decades teaching about end of life, trauma and grief. And yet his …

, , , bereavement book grief loss
Book – Forgiveness is Really Strange

“This imaginative comic explores the key aspects of forgiveness, asking what it means to forgive …

, , body book forgiveness
Book – It’s OK That You’re Not OK

“Challenging conventional wisdom on grief, a pioneering therapist offers a new resource for those experiencing …

, , , bereavement book grief loss
Book – Pain is Really Strange

“Answering questions such as ‘how can I change my pain experience?’, ‘what is pain?’, and …

, , , body book pain trauma
Book – Queen of Distraction

Book titled “The Queen of Distraction: How Women with ADHD Can Conquer Chaos, Find Focus, …

, , , , , , add adhd adult book coping organisation women
Book – The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma

“The effects of trauma can be devastating for sufferers, their families and future generations. Here …

, , , , , , anxiety body emdr emotional-regulation mood stress trauma
Book – Touch is Really Strange

“The latest addition to the Really Strange series, this science-based graphic comic addresses these questions …

, , , body book intimacy touch
Book – Trauma is Really Strange

We don’t get taught about how our bodies respond to negative life events, so it …

, , , , , , anxiety body book depersonalisation dissociation threat trauma
Document – Introduction to EMDR – Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint presentation about EMDR …

, , , , , , , , anxiety distress document emdr emotional-regulation feelings preparation stress trauma
Document – Online EMDR

Please click the link to access a document which provides more information about having EMDR …

, , , , , , , , anxiety distress document emdr emotional-regulation feelings preparation stress trauma
Document – Resources from the ADHD Foundation

This is a source of a wealth of information and resources from the ADHD foundation …

, , , , add adhd coping documents resources
Document – The Feelings Wheel

This document can help you to identify different feelings if you are struggling to find …

, , , , , , , anxiety document emdr emotional-regulation feelings preparation stress trauma
Document – What is EMDR? (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

One page overview of EMDR …

, , , , , , , , anxiety distress document emdr emotional-regulation feelings preparation stress trauma
Video – Healing with EMDR – Personal Stories

A powerful short documentary on client experiences with EMDR …

, emdr youtube
Video – How EMDR works? (Animation)

A short animation film describing how EMDR works for various traumatic …

, emdr youtube
Video – Introduction to EMDR Therapy

“Learn about how EMDR therapy works, what it is like, and how widely it is …

, emdr youtube
Website – ADHD Screening Questionnaire

If you have wondered if you have ADHD, this brief test may be a useful …

, , , add adhd adult adults
Website – Autism Screening Questionnaire

If you have wondered if you have autism, or autistic traits, this brief test may …

, , asd autism diagnosis
Website – The Spectrum Magazine

The Spectrum magazine is a free quarterly online publication published by the National Autistic Society.  It claims to be one of the “UK’s largest collections of autistic art, poetry and prose”. 

, , asd autism publication
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