This programme is a feast for the eyes!  If you struggle with mindfulness exercises, but need something to watch to help you get to a calm place try this Moving Art programme.  Perfect if you already have a subscription to Netfix and need a break from binge-watching standard boxsets. The music can get repetitive, so you may want to put it on mute and instead play some music of your own choice.

Season 1 – Release year: 2014

Experience nature’s art as filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg highlights the beauty that lurks in oceans, forests, deserts and flowers.

  • Episode 1 Oceans: Travel into the deep to experience the sea’s underwater splendour and the power of ocean waves as they roll, crash and splash.
  • Episode 2 Flowers: Elegant flowers come to life through stunning time-lapse photography in this enchanting journey into nature’s beauty.
  • Episode 3 Deserts: The Four Corners region of the United States reveals a marvellous desert landscape, where the night stars shine as brightly as the daytime sun.
  • Episode 4 Forests: Escape to total serenity as Louie Schwartzberg journeys to marvel at the majesty of forests on the Redwood Coast and in Olympic National Park.
  • Episode 5 Waterfalls: The collection of short films depicts the cascading power and cool mist of some of the world’s most dazzlingly beautiful waterfalls.
  • Episode 6 Underwater: Filmmaker Howard Hall presents this remarkable collection of short films shot in the depths of the ocean, revealing a world of serene beauty.

Season 2 – Release year: 2017

A new season of gorgeous nature cinematography features sights from such exotic locations as Angkor Wat, Iceland, Africa and the Galapagos Islands.

  • Episode 1 Koh Samui: Take part in a stunning visual exploration of the beaches and jungles of Koh Samui, Thailand, shot by filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg.
  • Episode 2 Iceland: Enjoy a relaxing journey to the stunning nation of Iceland, where glaciers and waterfalls contribute to the island’s astounding beauty.
  • Episode 3 Africa: A continent comes into focus as filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert capture Africa’s enchanting wildlife and stunning vistas.
  • Episode 4 Whales and Dolphins: With sensational cinematography, filmmaker Howard Hall takes you on a serene voyage to the oceanic homes of whales and dolphins.
  • Episode 5 Angkor Wat: Cambodia’s intricately constructed Angkor Wat temple complex has stood for centuries, even as time and nature have taken their toll.
  • Episode 6 Big Sur: Take in the very picture of serenity as waves crash and nights pass at Big Sur, one of the California coastline’s most ruggedly beautiful spots.
  • Episode 7 Galapagos: Visit the volcanic archipelago that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution in this stunning, gliding tour through nature and wildlife.

Season 3 – Release year: 2018

Lose yourself in the stunning visuals of Earth’s most majestic locales, including Tahiti, New Zealand and Machu Picchu.

  • Episode 1 Tahiti: Explore the breathtaking and beautiful sights of Tahiti, swim alongside stingrays and humpback whales, and move along to traditional dances.
  • Episode 2 New Zealand: Experience lush and wonderous New Zealand with striking footage of remarkable wildlife and natural phenomena like volcanoes and glaciers.
  • Episode 3 Hokkaido: Hokkaido, Japan is host to brilliant snowfall and spectacular waterfalls as well as a multitude of beautiful animals.
  • Episode 4 Machu Picchu: Along the Andes, experience Machu Picchu, explore the Stones forest and traverse the Chachapoyan Ruins.
  • Episode 5 Marquesas Islands: Visit the incredible Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, where wild horses race along the shores and sharks patrol the crystalline waters.
  • Episode 6 Patterns in Nature: Venture into nature’s patterns and rhythms across oceans, landscapes, and the stunning, starry sky.

~ source Netflix

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