This is a document to use as part of EMDR history taking to capture the traumatic experiences someone may have experienced throughout their lifetime.  The experiences could be “Big T” experiences which were life-threatening experiences (such as an accident, terrorist attack, or physical abuse/assaults) and they could also be “small t” trauma experiences which were overwhelming, but not life threatening such as bereavement, divorce, infidelity, bullying, some forms of abuse, childhood neglect.

Be careful when you are documenting these events. Just give enough information so that you can recall what the event was.   It’s important to take good care of yourself before and after noting these events down.  Seeing events in black and white can sometimes feel shocking and/or distressing.  I recommend doing an activity like the audio safe place exercise, as a way of being able to re-regulate your body after working on this document. Overall, if working on this document is too triggering for you, then just don’t do it alone, and let Elizabeth know.


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